WhaleStreet DAO to Launch Gen Art Ecosystem on Ethereum with StarkNet

WhaleStreet DAO to Launch Gen Art Ecosystem on Ethereum with StarkNet

A powerful revolution that not only removes the barrier to scaling, but also remains true to the decentralization and zero-trust principles of Ethereum.

The NFT space is a true renaissance of our times. A perfect convergence of tech and finance, defined by art. And nothing exemplifies this convergence like generative art.

We would love to nerd out about why generative art - specifically the Artblocks model - has held sway over us long before the idea broke out into mainstream consciousness, but Supermassive did it best in this detailed, candidly FOMO-ridden story. And just like any Ethereum-based phenomenon worth its salt, generative art is a poster child for the blockchain’s ongoing struggle with scalability and transaction costs. There are of course many solutions to this, just not many good ones.

The NFT ecosystem is currently inundated with L2 solutions trying to solve the computation and transaction cost problem. These are essential, effective aids that have enabled a new generation of first-time blockchain users ease into the space with very little friction. Where they all fall short is in the very foundational principle of trustlessness when it comes to asset movement across chains. All but one.

StarkWare, with StarkNet, has cracked that ceiling with elegant ZK rollups. This enables truly blockchain-native initiatives - like DeFi and generative art - to flourish. In a powerful illustration of the capabilities of this technology, StarkWare is partnering with the WhaleStreet DAO to launch a new ecosystem for generative art.

WhaleStreet, since its launch a year ago, has steadily built a robust infrastructure for art across mediums in the metaverse. From fractionalised ownership to DeFi-infused NFTs, it has created a decentralised ecosystem to launch artists.

Uri Kolodny, Co-Founder and CEO of StarkWare, says, “It is important to note that StarkNet will live on Ethereum, and as such inherit Ethereum’s security. Furthermore, what we want to bring to the mix is not transaction speed and cost alone, but powerful tools that will enable generative artists to infuse greater variance - all on chain - into their art.”

The first iteration of the WhaleStreet-Starkware collaboration is a series of Artblocks NFTs, tentatively titled the 'Canvas Collection'.  

Vii, the tech lead at WhaleStreet says of the partnership, “This is a trifecta of generative art, decentralised NFT infrastructure and the most advanced L2 solution today. We are fortunate in that WhaleStreet has the only official institutional partnership with Artblocks. It is our duty to ensure that this project preserves the intentions and integrity of that seminal project, even as it opens the floodgates to a generation of techno-creatives.”  

Stay tuned for details about the project, including the lineup of Artblocks genesis artists that will collaborate with WhaleStreet and StarkWare to create a unique series that will redefine generative art as we know it.