Get to and begin farming. To celebrate our liquidity providers, we will distribute 1% of the target supply of $hrimp to those who have added liquidity to the LST-ETH pool on Uniswap until Dec 6.

The heartbeat of the WhaleStreet Protocol, a perpetual DeFi engine, begins 12:00 AM GMT, Dec 6.  This is a decentralized protocol for ‘Whale Swaps’ - massive, antifragile token swaps. It features DeFi Collectibles — NFTs that give the holder power to orchestrate swap events. And $hrimp is the native token of this protocol. It is a reward for liquidity providers, is used to bid for and buy DeFi Collectibles, and functions as a governance token as well, on WhaleStreet.

$hrimp farming begins with the first heartbeat of WhaleStreet. The heartbeat occurs every eight hours.

If you want to first familiarise yourself with the tokenomics of $hrimp and its distribution strategy first, go to this link. Overview of WhaleStreet is available here. Link to launch video is here. If you want to jump into yield farming, read on!


  1. $hrimp is not a pre-mined token, which means 100% is allocated as a reward for liquidity providers, without any separate allocation for the team behind WhaleStreet. $hrimp farming is closed for the team until December 16, 12:00 am GMT.
  2. Target supply of $hrimp is 240 mn. It will be distributed in phases, beginning with a bootstrapping/community building phase, followed by periodic halvings.
  3. Liquidity providers who have contributed to the LST-ETH pool in Uniswap until Dec 6, 12:00 am GMT will be awarded 1% of the target supply.
  4. Reward of $2,000 worth LST distributed to $hrimp farmers over the first 48 hours of launch.

Fully Audited Smart Contracts

We are thrilled to announce the beginning of yield farming on . We have received a full audit report from Quantstamp, with complete branch coverage for our smart contracts. We will share the audit certificate in a few days.

$hrimp Token contract address : 0x9077F9e1eFE0eA72867ac89046b2a6264CbcaeF5

Community First

$hrimp is not a pre-mined token. This means there is no separate or exclusive allocation for the team. It is purely community driven and is a reward for liquidity providers. Everyone who has contributed to the LST-ETH pool until Dec 6 gets $hrimp even before staking starts. In fact, 1% of the target supply of $hrimp will be distributed to you all over the next week.  

As for the team, $hrimp mining will be closed for the team until December 16, 12:00 am GMT.

$hrimp Rewards in 6 phases

$hrimp farming will follow a series of 6 phases, with varied reward rates for each phase. The following is a short overview of each phase.

Series 1

Duration : Dec 6 12:00 am GMT to Jan 2 11:59 pm GMT

Total rewards : 12 million

Rewards per Pool token staked : 4.96 $hrimp per second

Series 2

Duration : Jan 3 12:00 am GMT to Mar 27 11:59 pm GMT

Total rewards : 21.6 million

Rewards per Pool token staked : 2.97 $hrimp per second

Series 3

Duration : Mar 28 12:00 am GMT to Jun 19 11:59 pm GMT

Total rewards : 10.8 million

Rewards per Pool token staked : 1.48 $hrimp per second

Series 4

Duration : Jun 20 12:00 am GMT to Sep 11 11:59 pm GMT

Total rewards : 5.4 million

Rewards per Pool token staked : 0.74 $hrimp per second

Series 5

Duration : Sep 12 12:00 am GMT to Dec 4 11:59 pm GMT

Total rewards : 2.7 million

Rewards per Pool token staked : 0.37 $hrimp per second

Series 6

Duration : Dec 5 12:00 am GMT onward

Total rewards : 1.35 million, refills every 84 days

Rewards per Pool token staked : 0.18 $hrimp per second, repeats every 84 days

How to farm $hrimp

Simply, and in a few minutes. Here are the steps -

  1. Go to the LST-ETH pool on Uniswap. Accessible at this link -
  2. Add liquidity to the pool. This means adding LST as well as an equal value of ETH to the pool. You get pool tokens for this effort.
  3. Come to Take a moment to appreciate the edgy UI. You will see the LST-ETH pool into which you can stake your pool tokens. There are some stats. You will see the reward rate for the series.
  4. Click on ‘select’. Approve pool tokens. You can specify a specific amount, or set it to maximum (more convenient).
  5. You can now see options to stake, unstake or claim $hrimp. This is your first time, so you’ll need to stake first.
  6. Within five seconds of staking, you should be able to see the $hrimp rewards you’ve earned. This is updated every five seconds. That’s it, really.
  7. But then, you want to try claiming your $hrimp, don’t you? Go for it. Click on Claim $hrimp. Tell us about the tail wag (tweet a picture of #GetShrimp, follow and tag @WhaleStreetOffl).
  8. What you can’t do is unstake, within the same epoch, the same heartbeat. Wait for the next epoch and you begin another cycle. You continue to earn $hrimp every second meanwhile.

48 hours. Reward of $2,000 worth LST

For those early birds who were watching $hrimp closely and jumped in to farm,  there’s a reward of $2,000 worth of LST. These rewards - our $1,000 reward for the $hrimp race, the 500 LST rewards for early joinees on our Discord, and now the 48-hour $hrimp Farming reward. These are all celebrations for the team, for being able to launch and share something as cool as WhaleStreet with an amazing, supportive community.    

To track updates, community calls, grants and more, join the discord channel, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter — the Metatracker.

Welcome to WhaleStreet. Have fun. Get $hrimp.