Three Creators Jazz up Season 2 of DeFi Keys

Three Creators Jazz up Season 2 of DeFi Keys

Inimitable, unique riffs from legendary Jazzist Arturo Sandoval, generative magic from PXLQ and an analog-code combo by Mattia Cuttini and Luca Donno.

Arturo Sandoval is an Emmy-winning, Grammy-nominated, inimitable Jazz performer and composer. Inspired by greats like Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown and mentored by Dizzy Gillespee, his music carried him from the confines of Cuba and into the liberating airwaves of America. Naturally, his music is now in a whole series of DeFi Key - NFTs of varying rarity and evolving utility generated every eight hours on WhaleStreet, crypto platform building the financial infrastructure of performing arts in the metaverse. Naturally.

Before the trumpet blows, a quick look at season 1 of the DeFi keys. These were basically NFTs by the amazing PXLQ, minted on WhaleStreet. You could bid for and buy them with the $hrimp token. Still live at

Season 1 of these NFTs was titled Space Debris. The core of the algorithm was based on a recursive partitioning - depicting an abstract visualization of a city in space that is under attack with varying levels of damage and space debris can be seen floating around the scene.

The season ended with 190 NFTs sold, purchased by 73 unique ETH addresses, for a total of 10.4 million $HRIMP (approx $1 million). Here’s what the WhaleStreet Treasury looked like. A lovely curve. The dips in the graph are Royalty payouts to pxlq and Platform integration payouts to AB.

WhaleStreet Treasury Sales overview for Season 1

New in Season 2

And now, these DeFi Keys take on a whole new dimension. If Season 1 was generative art, then Season 2 is generative art AND music. Arturo Sandoval will compose three bespoke pieces for each of the three rarities. Besides this, we have two incredible collections -

Lightshift by PXLQ

Visualized light beams in a curved matrix. This is a visual simulation of light beams under different gravitational conditions. It randomly splits the canvas into small components that are subjected to some pull coming from another location on the canvas, which gives it this curving effect even though it's all straight lines.

Lightshift by PXLQ

Colorcuts by 38 per Mille

Combining the legacy art "Papercuts" (2017) by Mattia Cuttini and the coding virtuosity of Luca Donno, Colorcuts is a unique generative algorithm that extrapolates scores of combinations from cyan, magenta and yellow. The 38‰ project is the name of the collaborative team of Luca Donno and Mattia Cuttini. 38 per mille / 38 parts per thousand is the salinity of the Adriatic Sea, home of Mattia Cuttini and Luca Donno.

Colorcuts by 38 per Mille

Season 2 began on Sep 06 at 2.5 hours after the start of epoch 824. You can participate in the NFT auctions at

The weekly drop schedule is as follows:

  1. Mondays 12am GMT to Tuesdays 11:59pm GMT : Lightshift by PXLQ
  2. Wednesday 12am GMT to Fridays 11:59pm GMT : Snippets of 3 bonus tracks from the NFT Jazz album by Arturo Sandoval
  3. Saturday 12am GMT to Sundays 11:59pm GMT : Colorcuts by 38 per Mille

But there’s more. These NFTs are not only incredible collectibles, but very real utility tokens. As we noted in a previous post, with a DeFi Key, you can deploy your own dApp on WhaleStreet with zero code. And based on the rarity of the DeFi key, you get to share revenue.

  • Common enables a 50% split between the dApp and the Treasury.
  • Rare lets dApp keep 75% of its revenue.
  • Legendary lets dApp keep 95% of its revenue.

Apart from the obvious coolness of launching an all new series on WhaleStreet, we are also quite thrilled that we are one step closer to building an infrastructure for the culture of the metaverse. Generative art, jazz and who knows what else tomorrow? WhaleStreet is home and $HRIMP is the token.