Completion of Series-One DeFi Keys

It’s been an amazing three months since the start of the WhaleStreet DeFi Key Auctions in early June 2021.  We’re grateful to have partnered up with Art Blocks' ‘Factory’ Platform and featured artist ρ𝐗𝓵𝔮 to create WhaleStreet’s “Series 1” DeFi Keys, 'on-demand, on-chain, randomised generative art that carries collectible value and real power over the WhaleStreet protocol.'

Since first mint, ρ𝐗𝓵𝔮's 'Space Debris' continue to mesmerize collectors, somehow striking a fine balance between calm and chaos across three editions: [m’aider] [warning] [ravaged].

photo still of PXLQ's [ravaged] #25 (

As series one comes to a close following epoch 821, Space Debris' tallies across the three editions are becoming clear.  To date, 178 Space Debris pieces have been minted across 280 auction periods (epochs).  If it ‘sounds rare,’ you’re correct, total count for the complete Space Debris collection is estimated at 186.  With just a few auction periods remaining, the opportunity to mint your own Space Debris is limited so make sure and check out the auction soon!

The WhaleStreet team would like to give our thanks and wishes for continued success to everyone involved in the journey up to now, including ρ𝐗𝓵𝔮, Art Blocks and to all the collectors out there.

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